As a third-generation family business, Richloom believes that our choices reflect our values. Responsibility is a fundamental guiding principle for our family and our business. We take seriously our responsibility towards the families who work with us and the communities we operate within worldwide. Considering the threats posed to our communities by climate change, Richloom must place environmentally and socially responsible practices at the center of the company’s mission. Recognizing that our sustainability commitment is a living document that will change, grow, and improve as the world evolves, Richloom is committed to becoming a better global citizen.

At our facilities in the Carolinas, over 75% of the corrugated cardboard used for retail packaging, tubes, and shipping samples is recycled. We reuse pallets, tubes, yarn cones, and encourage customers to recycle memos once the design process is complete.

At Richloom Weaving in High Point, NC, nearly all of our production process is completed in the Southeast - the majority within a 100-mile radius of the mill itself.

We have zero yarn waste; every yarn purchased ends up woven into a fabric.

Over 90% of the yarns we use are solution-dyed, virtually using no water during the manufacturing process of both yarn and fabric.

We are committed to growing our sustainable product by 5% in 2022 with a goal of an additional 5% annually thereafter. We will weave with more recycled yarns, increase the number of solution-dyed yarns used, and adopt a more environmentally friendly C0 finish.

Since 2018, our Contract division has held Leader Status from MindClick, which rates the environmental health performance of manufacturers and their products.

We are working towards an annual 5% elimination of material waste at all Richloom locations worldwide. We will continue to leverage our leadership in product design and sourcing to press our supplier partners for sustainable options.

We have reduced our energy consumption by over 30% in the last 5 years by switching all lighting to LED and installing motion sensors to turn off light in inactive locations.

Our Marketing team has grown our digital library exponentially over the past 2 years to drastically reduce the number of books for sampling fabrics. We currently have 33, and counting!


In late 2022, we will institute a memo return policy at our Distribution Center in Clinton, SC to encourage customers to return samples once the design process is complete.

Additionally, you can upcycle or donate your gently used samples to help reduce waste in the landfills.

As part of the family’s philanthropic initiative, Richloom will also be looking at programs where we can further have a beneficial impact on our communities through charity work and social repair.

To read more about our sustainability journey, click here.